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Daily Harvest Interview Questions & Application Process


3/10/2023 • 10:53:36 AM

by Shaun

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Daily Harvest Interview Questions & Process

Discover the secrets to success in Daily Harvest’s interview process. Read on for an expert guide filled with practical questions and advice.

Daily Harvest is a rapidly growing food & beverage brand with their own app on the Apple & Google store. They’ve amassed millions of customers through providing clean & delicious food made from fresh ingredients, real fruit, and healthy vegetables. Since 2015, they’ve been on a mission to make nourishing, plant-based foods more attainable by making it faster, cheaper, and better

If you’ve got the fortunate opportunity to interview with Daily Harvest for a role, don’t sweat! We’ve prepared a full guide & walkthrough the questions you might receive as well as their standard process for interviewing and hiring new employees. In this article, we’ll break down Daily Harvest’s hiring process to help you be prepared for whatever interview questions they might give you

Daily Harvest’s Hiring Process Overview

Daily Harvests’s hiring process consists of 3-4 different rounds of interviews with their team members depending on the role you're applying for. These include

  • A Phone Screening Interview
  • An Assessment Interview With A Manager or Team Member
  • A Final Interview With A Additional Managers or Team Members

Although this is the typical hiring process, the amount of interviews differ between roles. As a general rule of thumb, the more senior your role is the more interviews you will undergo

Step 1: Applying

Where Can I Apply For A Job At Daily Harvest?

Daily Harvest often posts job vacancies across their website which you can find here. They also regularly post on their Linkedin account available here. Lastly, you can also find jobs available on EcomPortal by Apple like this one here

How Difficult Is It To Get Hired At Daily Harvest?

Overall, the hiring process for Daily Harvest is rated an average difficulty - meaning you’ve got a great chance to get a job offer. Out of 53 people who were interviewed, 47% rated in the interview process negative whereas 33% rated positive and the rest neutral

Step 2: Interview Process

How Long Does It Take After Applying To Hear Back From Daily Harvest?

The average wait time to hear back after first applying to a job is 2 weeks. The process overall from applying to getting a job offer  is said to take between 2-4 weeks, or 1 month long.

What Are Some Questions I Can Expect In The Daily Harvest Interview Process?

Typically, the questions that the Daily Harvest  team will ask you when getting interviewed are based on the role that you are getting hired for. Overall, common questions that seem to come up a lot regardless of the role being hired for are questions like:

1. Why do you want to work at Daily Harvest?

2. Tell me about your passions

3. Walk me through your resume

4. Describe one of your proudest moments in your career and what made you achieve it

You should expect a take home project for your role around the 2nd interview. This process will likely be based on the role you are hiring for and will be a way for them to assess your direct skillset.

Interviewees have reported being asked more behavioral questions rather than technical. Depending on how much technical experience is required for your role, we’d recommended getting familiar with the technical needs of your job and how you are an expert in that space

Step 3: Getting Hired

How Long Does It Take To Hear Back From Daily Harvest About A Job?

Typically, Daily Harvest will extend an offer to you if they see you as a good fit after 4 weeks of interviewing. You’ll run through an average of 4-8 different people who work within the company to see if you’d be a good fit for the role, for the team, and for the company culture overall. After they’ve deemed you as the right person, you’ll be extended an offer. Applicants have reported not hearing back from Daily Harvest until the applicants email them, by which they then receive a rejection letter. We advise you to email DH if you haven’t heard back from within a week after your final interview.