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Skims Interview Process Expert Guide: Questions & Tips for Success


2/24/2023 • 7:00:32 AM

by Shaun

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Skims Interview Process Expert Guide: Questions & Tips for Success

Discover the secrets to success in the Skims interview process. Read on for an expert guide filled with practical questions and advice.

Started in 2019 by the famous fashion icon Kim Kardashain, Skims is a clothing shapewear company focusing on body positivity and being an inclusive brand to all the women who wear their products. Skims designs and creates the underwear, loungewear, and shapewear

Most of Skims online sales come from the United States whereby they generated revenue in the totals of $70M in 2021.

Skims’s Hiring Process Overview

Skims goes through 2-3 rounds of interviews depending on the role that you are getting hired for. In each round, they’ll be asking you a range of questions to do with being analytical, displaying personality, and hearing more about your past experience

Step 1: Applying

Where Can I Apply For A Job At Skims?

Harrys often posts job vacancies across their website which you can find here. They also regularly posts on their Linkedin account available here. Lastly, you can also find jobs available on EcomPortal by Skims like this one here

How Difficult Is It To Get Hired At Skims?

Overall, applicants rated the difficulty of getting hired at Skims as average. The interview process isn’t as long as 5-6 rounds but there were still a lot of questions & screening processes that need to be done before receiving a formal offer from Skims

Step 2: Interview Process

What Is The Interview Process Like At Skims?

The recruitment process at Skims starts by you applying, whereby a recruiter will reach out if they feel like you match the role and send you a link to book in a time to chat. Often times, applicants have reported recruiters not being too professional in their emails or not showing up to the call. Be weary of this, as it does happen on occasion. There are reports of the calls going great and the interview process being very seamless. It largely depends on the role your applying for.

How Long Does It Take After Applying To Hear Back From Harry’s?

Hearing back from Skim’s after sending in a job application can take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month. If after 1 month you haven’t heard back, you unfortunately will not be hearing back from them

What Are Some Questions I Can Expect In The Interview Process?

Typically, the questions that the Skims team will ask you when getting interviewed are based on the role that you are getting hired for. Overall, common questions that seem to come up a lot regardless of the role being hired for are questions like:

1. Why do you want to work for Skims?

2. What is your experience with fashion & shapewear?

3. Tell me about a time you had to deal with a customer. How did you handle this?

4. Walk me through your resume and experience

How Long Does It Take To Hear Back From Skims After The First Interview

The range of time it takes to hear back from Skims can be a week to a month long. Over 50% of applicants reported that it take more than 2 weeks to hear back.

Step 3: Getting Hired

How Long Does It Take To Hear Back From Skims About A Job?

Skims interview process can take 2-3 calls. After the third call, if they see you as a good fit for what they are looking for - you can expect an offer extended to you within a couple days to 2 weeks, depending on how urgent the need for the role is.