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Stitch Fix Interview Questions & Application Process


3/10/2023 • 10:42:17 AM

by Shaun

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Stitch Fix Interview Questions & Application Process

Discover the secrets to success in Stitch Fix’s interview process. Read on for an expert guide filled with practical questions and advice.

Stitch Fix leverages data science to act as a personal stylist for its users, advising on clothing items & apparel based on size, budget, & style. Stitch Fix was founded in 2011 by Katrina Lake and has grown to over $2B in annual revenue (2022).

Stitch Fix is home to over 4,000+ employees working to provide users a new way to find clothes they love. In this article, we’ll walk you through the interview process including the questions you might get asked when applying for a job at Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix’s Hiring Process Overview

Stitch Fix’s hiring process consists of 4-7 different rounds of interviews with their team members depending on the role you're applying for. These include

  • A Phone Screening Interview
  • Virtual Interview With A Team Member
  • Online Test & Assessment
  • (Potential) In-Person Interview often for Stylists
  • Interview with Manager or Team Member
  • Final Interview

Although this is the typical hiring process, the amount of interviews differ between roles. As a general rule of thumb, the more senior your role is the more interviews you will undergo

Step 1: Applying

Where Can I Apply For A Job At Stitch Fix?

Stitch often posts job vacancies across their website which you can find here. They also regularly post on their Linkedin account available here. Lastly, you can also find jobs available on EcomPortal by Apple like this one here

How Difficult Is It To Get Hired At Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is fairly difficult to get hired by, depending on the role they are looking for. Stylists have an easier time because the business needs more stylists over other roles due to the service they provide. They’ll also take you through a rigorous hiring process with lots of questions, take home tests, and potentially even in-person interviews & meetups.

Step 2: Interview Process

How Long Does It Take After Applying To Hear Back From Stitch Fix?

The first step before getting hired for Stitch Fix largely depends on the role but typically you’ll have an online quiz and assessment to make before you get on a virtual interview call. This process can take around 1 week.

What Are Some Questions I Can Expect In The Stitch Fix  Interview Process?

The questions that the Stitch Fix  team will ask you when getting interviewed are based on the role that you are getting hired for. Overall, common questions that seem to come up a lot regardless of the role being hired for are questions like:1. What does your leadership style look like?

2. Why did you apply to this job?

3. Describe a project you were recently challenged by

4.(For Stylists) How do you go about styling different body types?

You should expect a take home project for your role around the 2nd interview. This process will likely be based on the role you are hiring for and will be a way for them to assess your direct skillset.

Stitch Fix likes to interview their applicants by giving them projects & take home assessments. You can expect up to 4 hours of work to be done. This is where they’ll assess your skills alongside the answers to your questions

Step 3: Getting Hired

How Long Does It Take To Hear Back From Stitch Fix About A Job?

The entire Stitch Fix interview process from applying to getting an offer can take up to 1 month long. They will assess you based on your answers to their questions but also based on your take home assessments. Stitch Fix uses web based interview systems to interview you through a web application before they have a call with you, therefore making the process more streamlined for them but longer for the applicant.After they’ve deemed you as the right person, you’ll be extended an offer. Because Stitch Fix is such a big company, you may have to reach out to them to get feedback or even a response. Overall, the interview process has been rated a positive experience by over 500 different applicants