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Account Manager Salary


1/8/2023 • 10:30:17 AM

by Shaun

Account managers are the frontmen of any company, and every business needs account managers. When there’s conflict, it’s the account manager’s responsibility to resolve unwanted business disputes and pain points to win the clients’ hearts. Customers are always right, and so there are account managers who are present to assist, address clientele needs, and provide care to their customers.

While there are still businesses, there will always be job opportunities for account managers. In this article, we will learn more about how much account managers can make and the different kinds of account management careers.

What is an Account Manager?

An Account Manager (AM) is someone responsible for managing customer sales and developing customer relations while giving clientele satisfaction. Account Managers also handle customer complaints, solve customers’ issues and maintain healthy relationships with clients for future business ventures.

Average Salary Ranges for Account Manager

Here is a list of the average salary ranges for Account Managers located in the US:

  1. $74,254/yr

  2. $52,902/yr

  3. $76,102/yr

Highest Salary Range for Account Manager

Here is a list of the highest salary ranges for Account Managers located in the US:

  1. $83,578/yr

  2. $92,500/yr

  3. $100,506/yr

Lowest Salary Range for Account Manager

Here is a list of the lowest salary ranges for Account Managers located in the US:

  1. $34,013/yr

  2. $21,000/yr

  3. $56,517/yr

Highest paying states for Account Managers in the US

In the US, not all states have the same annual pay for Account Managers. Salary varies depending on location, company skill set, and experience.

Here is the list of the top highest-paying states for Account Managers in the US:

  1. Washington: $84,225/yr

  2. Connecticut: $73,760/yr

  3. Michigan: $79,109/yr

  4. New York: $81,458/yr

Highest paying cities for Account Managers in the US

Here is the list of the top highest-paying cities for Account Managers in the US:

  1. San Francisco, CA: $87,739

  2. Seattle, WA: $84,793

  3. Washington, NJ: $81,900

  4. New York, NY: $81,562

Highest paying cities for Account Managers in the UK

Here is the list of the top highest-paying cities for Account managers in the UK:

  1. London: £40,282.84/yr

  2. Reading: £38,976.56/yr

  3. Edinburgh: £36,664.00/yr

  4. Cardiff: £34,850.00/yr

Highest paying cities for Account Managers in Australia

Here is the list of the top highest-paying cities for Account managers in Australia:

  1. Macquarie Park NSW: $100,942/yr

  2. Canberra ACT: $99,764/yr

  3. Brisbane QLD: $95,462/yr

  4. Perth WA: $93,778/yr

Different roles in an Account Manager Career

Executive Sales Manager

An executive sales manager is responsible for leading the company's sales team. They provide training, guidance, and mentorship, take tasks in setting sales goals and quotas, analyze sales data, and assign sales territories.

Senior National Account Manager

Senior national account managers are responsible for building strong client relations like any account manager. They typically manage account portfolios and develop account management strategies. They are also expected to coordinate with internal teams to find solutions that give clientele satisfaction.

National Account Director

A national account director leads the customer account planning cycle and ensures that the company meets the customer’s expectations. They are also expected to show joint company-strategic account planning proactively. The National account director also reports to the Vice President of National Accounts.

Global Account Executive

A Global Account Executive is responsible for managing and interpreting new business and associate knowledge to meet the company’s objectives. Additional roles include communicating with multinational clients and aiming to secure business sales. They also conduct customer reviews and observe service and performance data.

Senior Account Director

Senior Account Directors belong to the senior-most members of an account team. They are the ones who oversee all aspects of client relationships happening in the company. They are responsible for developing strategies to meet clients’ needs. Additional tasks include managing junior account directors and other staff who are involved in account management.

Key Sales Account Manager

To become a key sales account manager, you should have skills from closing sales to nurturing clientele partnerships. Your goal is to understand your client’s needs thoroughly, develop trust, generate new sales, and prepare progress reports using key account metrics.

Sales Account Executive

Sales account executives act as a liaison between the sales team and clients. You need excellent negotiation and communication skills for this job. As a sales account executive, you need to close sales deals and have a revenue target to reach.

E-commerce Account Manager

As an E-commerce Account Manager, you will provide professional and knowledgeable support through data analysis, e-commerce marketing strategies, communication, and market trend forecast if you have substantial experience in planning, e-commerce marketing, and allocating.

Client Success Account Manager

In this job, you’ll be helping your clients succeed in their business goals. Client Success Account managers will work on their way to make revenues coming into the company through getting upsells, renewals, and cross-sells. You’re assisting your customers in getting the most value from their purchases when they complete their goals. The rule of thumb is to take care of your customers.

Account Management Assistant

In this role, you assist the Account Officer in tasks such as loan evaluation and packaging tasks. You are assigned to process loans and monitor clients’ expiration of insurance validity. Generally, you’ll support your finance manager with accounting tasks, and you’ll be required to chase late payments, reconcile company accounts, and send invoices.

Junior Account Executive

As a Junior Account Executive, you are responsible for prospecting new clients and handling client accounts. You’ll also distribute advertising materials to invite new clients and foster clientele relations. Junior Account Executives belong to the intermediate level of account management careers. Other than attracting new clients, you’re also required to help with the auditing process, understand clientele needs, and provide client support.