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Brand Manager Salary Guide


3/31/2023 • 6:11:26 AM

by Shaun

Brand Manager Salary

Every eCommerce company out there needs to hire a brand manager that is responsible for making sure that their branding stays consistent throughout every touch point of the customer journey

Whether its online, offline, through text, media, or image - the brand persona represents who the company is and their culture. Brand managers dial in on keeping this consistent and making sure all representations of the company are on par with their branding.

Brand Manager Job Description:

Brand managers job description entails working on keeping the brand consistent, updated, and relevant to both the customers and what the company is trying to represent. Whether a brand wants to pivot on their messaging or they want to promote a different form of their company, a brand manager is in charge of how that change is represented to the public.

Average Base Salary For Brand Managers


Maximum Salary For Brand Managers


Minimum Salary For Brand Managers


Brand Manager Compensation:

Brand Managers are able to receive compensations based on their performance throughout working with the company.

The average additional cash compensation a brand manager can expect to see is around $12,000 USD

Brand Manager Salary Based on Company Size:

Here is a list of average brand manager salaries based on company sizes:

Companies with 1 to 10 employees:


Companies with 11-50 employees:


Companies with 51-200 employees:


Companies with 201-500 employees:


Companies with 500+ employees:


Brand Manager Salary Based on Years of Experience:

Here is a list of average brand manager salaries based on years of experience:

Less than 1 year:


Between 1 & 3 years of experience:


Between 3 & 5 years of experience::


Between 5 & 7 years of experience:


Greater than 7+ years of experience:


Skills That Affect Brand Manager Salaries:

  1. Brand Marketing & Strategizing
  2. Audience Analytics
  3. Marketing Research & Strategy
  4. Copywriting
  5. SEM/SEO