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Data Analyst Salary Guide


4/10/2023 • 9:57:27 AM

by Shaun

Data Analyst Salary

As eCommerce brands grow larger and larger, they’ll amass more data that they can use to optimize their product, branding, marketing, copywriting, & many more key business metrics. A data analyst becomes a critical component of any ecommerce brand as they are able to collate all this information to actionable insights that brands can take with them to grow their business

In this article, we’ll break down a typical Data Analyst salary. These salaries are most commonly related to:

  • Google Data Analyst Salary
  • Senior Data Analyst Salary
  • Data Analyst Salary Entry Level

Data Analyst Job Description:

Data Analysts job description entails overseeing the collection, storage, and analysis of data across the company. They have technical experience in being able to collate the most useful data and articulate how this data can help improve metrics within the business. The data is presented in an accurate and understandable fashion so that other employees can process & use this data in their given field to make better business decisions

Average Base Salary For Data Analysts


Maximum Salary For Data Analysts


Minimum Salary For Data Analysts


Data Analysts Compensation:

Data Analysts are able to receive compensation based on their performance throughout working with the company.

The average additional cash compensation a data analyst can expect to see is around $140,000 USD

Data Analyst Salary Based on Company Size:

Here is a list of average data analyst salaries based on company sizes:

Companies with 1 to 10 employees:


Companies with 11-50 employees:


Companies with 51-200 employees:


Companies with 201-500+ employees:


Data Analyst Salary Based on Years of Experience

Here is a list of average Data Analyst salaries based on years of experience:

Less than 1 year:


Between 1 & 3 years of experience:


Between 3 & 5 years of experience::


Between 5 & 7 years of experience:


Greater than 7+ years of experience:


Skills That Affect Data Analyst Salaries:

  1. SQL
  2. Data Analytics
  3. Business Reporting
  4. Data Mining
  5. Data Modeling