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eCommerce Manager Salary Guide


3/31/2023 • 6:09:53 AM

by Shaun

eCommerce Manager Salary

eCommerce managers are extremely important for brands who sell primarily online or direct to consumer. Brands will have a whole host of components that go into the eCommerce business model including digital marketing, logistics, web development. The eCommerce manager will look to lead all of these departments in an effort to grow sales

eCommerce Manager Job Description:

eCommerce managers job description entails overseeing the feel of the companies website & generating additional sales via the various online channels that the brand uses. The eCommerce manager will oversee the development of the company as it pertains to the income generation level of the website. This includes taking charge of website layouts and features, experimenting with different changes to increase conversion rate, monitoring trends and effectiveness of certain marketing strategies, and leading staff.

Average Base Salary For eCommerce Managers


Maximum Salary For eCommerce Managers


Minimum Salary For eCommerce Managers


eCommerce Manager Compensation:

eCommerce Managers are able to receive compensation based on their performance throughout working with the company.

The average additional cash compensation a brand manager can expect to see is around $23,000 USD

eCommerce Manager Salary Based on Company Size:

Here is a list of average brand manager salaries based on company sizes:

Companies with 1 to 10 employees:


Companies with 11-50 employees:


Companies with 51-200 employees:


Companies with 201-500+ employees:


eCommerce Manager Salary Based on Years of Experience:

Here is a list of average eCommerce manager salaries based on years of experience:

Less than 1 year:


Between 1 & 3 years of experience:


Between 3 & 5 years of experience::


Between 5 & 7 years of experience:


Greater than 7+ years of experience:


Skills That Affect eCommerce Manager Salaries:

  1. Conversion Rate Optimization
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Audience Analytics
  4. Web Development
  5. Supply & Logistics