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Event Coordinator Salary


4/2/2023 • 6:28:10 AM

by Shaun

Event Coordinator Salary

eCommerce brands have the ability to grow an audience online and distribute product globally. Unfortunately, this also means they lose out on the in-person experience that a customer can have as they walk in their store, touch their product, speak to the showroom workers, etc. Event Coordinators play an integral role in planning live events, pop-ups, and in-person community building activities. They bridge the gap for a brand whos primarily online to a community who lives & breathes their product.

Event Coordinator Job Description:

Event coordinators job description entails working on planning live events around their brand, picking venues, calculating costs & revenue for the event, driving growth for the brand via planning events, and ensuring the fostering of both the community & the brand identity. Event coordinators play an integral role in creating a unique touch point for a primarily digital brand by building a physical presence for their eCommerce brands.

Average Base Salary For Event Coordinator


Maximum Salary For Event Coordinator


Minimum Salary For Event Coordinator


Event Coordinator Compensation:

Event Coordinators are able to receive compensation based on their performance throughout working with the company.

The average additional cash compensation an event coordinator can expect to see is around $70,000 USD, Event Coordinators have particularly high cash compensations as they plan events that are largely based on a huge influx of revenue generated for brands.

Event Coordinator Salary Based on Company Size:

Here is a list of average Event Coordinator salaries based on company sizes:

Companies with 1 to 10 employees:


Companies with 11-50 employees:


Companies with 51-200 employees:


Companies with 201-500+ employees:


Event Coordinator Salary Based on Years of Experience:

Here is a list of average event coordinator salaries based on years of experience:

Less than 1 year:


Between 1 & 3 years of experience:


Between 3 & 5 years of experience::


Between 5 & 7 years of experience:


Greater than 7+ years of experience:


Skills That Affect Event Coordinator Salaries:

  1. Public Relations
  2. Event Planner
  3. Communication
  4. Community Management
  5. Social Media